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Being born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and working in the oil and gas industry has provided me with a passion for providing both a safe and cost-effective way to protect the environment. With the oil and gas industry being in my life for over 37 years, as well as being from the Gulf Coast, it has always been something I’ve worked towards improving. In 2005, I was assigned to the Hurricane Katrina recovery team with BP. During this time, the team worked mainly off of the coast of Louisiana and was in charge of decommissioning the platforms that had been damaged by the hurricane. This time in my career gave me the opportunity to become even more knowledgeable of the industry. Being given the responsibility to ensure all platforms were cleaned, wells were capped off and items were disposed of also helped lead to new technology ideas.

The technology discovered during that timeframe would become helpful to the oil and gas industry. Another highlight of my career, that has driven my passion at providing more environmental-friendly products to the coast and industry, was the BP oil spill in 2010. After the oil spill I was assigned to the role of Community Outreach in Alabama and later became a technical advisor in Grand Isle, La. Since 2005, my ultimate goal has been to find the best product and services possible to help not only the oil and gas industry but the environment as well.


Glenn Johnson

Owner of Coastal Sales and Services, LLC


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